Cheap Dates


I get super bored when I work during the day. The drivers are on call and only come in when we get a delivery . That takes away a lot of my entertainment I get during the day. I have grown comfortable talking to everyone and anyone who comes in. I love my older men who come in every week for a slice and read a book or talk with me while I work. Then I have a lady who is tickled pink that I always remember that she gets a sausage slice a drink and fries. I only remember because she gets a ton of food. But the men are always the most fun.

There was a landscaping company that would come in every friday for lunch during the summer. One day, a guy left me his number on the back of a slice card. I found myself wondering if he grew balls that day to leave his number? Or worse, had he been waiting until his slice card was full so he could get his free slice and leave his number. That is a pretty cheap move on his part. “Oh, this girl is super cute. I should leave her my number. But I should wait until I can get my free slice and put my number on the back! I don’t want to lose out on a deal”.

If I texted him and went on a date with him, where would he take me? Sam’s Club and Costco on Saturday afternoon for the free samples?



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