Constant Complainers


I can tell within seconds if a customer is going to be a total bitch on the phone. They feel the need to fight with me over everything. I try my best to be nice and give them everything that they want. There are just a few things that I have no control over

Once again, there is nothing I can do about the price. I will be the first to say that our pizza is outrageously expensive. For an 18″ pizza its 17.99 plus toppings. Two pizzas will cost over 40 dollars with delivery.

Don’t put in your order then demand a coupon for what you are buying. I am not allowed to give out whatever kind of coupons I want. I do get into trouble giving you guys the discount. Now I am not saying that I wont help you with coupons that you have, in your hand, at that moment, not a coupon that you saw three months ago. Tell me what coupons you have and I will tell you what one gives you the best deal.

Everyday at work

It is January, in Chicago. I know that our parking lot is never plowed. I have complained to my boss about this everyday. I make the drivers, mainly my ex boyfriend, shovel the front every time it snows. We are on your side about this! The drivers are driving around on ice behind the store, the sun never hits behind there and it is just a disaster waiting to happen. I drive a Pruis, and I drift on a half an inch of snow. I am the first one to say that I want it plowed.

If I am telling the truth, only one person complained about the parking lot not being plowed. The drivers and I are complaining about it.




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  1. All you can do is answer the phone and do your best, right? I sometimes think people call and take out the stress from their day on poor, unsuspecting folks on the other end of the phone. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why I tend to order my pizzas via the internet… 😉

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