Reward Points


We have a new rewards system at work. You enter in the persons email address then each time they order something they earn points and after so many points they can use those to get free food.

It’s a good program and it is beneficial to both the store and the customer. My complaint is that my boss is constantly asking me how we are doing getting email addresses then saying that we are not getting enough.

I don’t like to ask customers for their email the first time they order because I feel it’s too forward of me to ask for their number, address, and email. I sound like a stalker. So I leave it open and ask the next time they call.

Because my boss is standing behind me watching everything I do, I sometimes have to ask the new customers. Then I have to defend myself that in fact I am not a stalker and my boss is making me do this.

I also come across some crazy email addresses. Some are really weird like colbylovesbones which is obviously about his dog, I hope. Or obvious ones like golfer92 most people have some version of their name. But there is always someone who is laughing while I’m typing it in…


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