He Needs to Grow a Pair


There is a man, Sam, who has been calling weekly, sometimes twice a week for over a year now. He lives on Wilderness Ridge and we all have a crazy story about him. He is very particular about what he wants. First of all, he leaves a check or money in an envelope taped to the door. He doesn’t want to drivers to go to the door because then his dog barks and it wakes up his kid. The drivers then have to move a potted plant that is on a table to set the pizza on. We used to put it on a bench but that would make the cheese slide on the pizza.

He complains more with the new owners. Once he said that the old cooks knew exactly how he liked it cooked, a little well done, and that they did it right every time. Then he went on to say how the new cooks can’t get it right. We have the same cooks as before.

Over the past couple weeks all of the employees have been sharing their experiences with Sam at Wilderness Ridge and we have come to the conclusion that he is in a different mood if it is a girl who answers the phone compared to a guy. When either the other counter girl answers the phone or myself answers the phone he is more likely to call back and complain. He also yells at us if we mess something up. Then if it is a man who answers he is patients and chit chats with him, even when it takes 10 minutes for the counter guy to get the order right.

Then one day my boss answered his call and was going through the order and noticed how Sam’s wife was in the background screaming at Sam. Everything that Sam ordered she told him that wasn’t it or how he sucks at placing orders on the phone. She was completly bitching at Sam! Now we know why he is nicer to men than women. It is like when he hears my voice he thinks I’m just going to start bitching at him. He has been craving for a male friend for years!


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