Bottle of Wine, Ice Cream, and Chocolate


I came back from my break and my boss asked me if I had been crying. I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I was tearing up. I was planning that after work I wanted to go to Redbox and get War Horse and have myself a good crying night. Even just thinking about the movie makes me cry, it’s my new Titanic or The Notebook.

I got home and started setting up for the movie when I realized that I needed to have popcorn. Of course I was completely out. I have a slight obsession for popcorn, it is never too early in the day for popcorn.

I was standing in line for at least 10 minutes. I was patiently waiting for the people ahead of me, the lady was filling out some information on the computer. The headlines on the trashy magazines about Tom Cruise being devastated and how did Katie finally decided to go secret spy to get out?

I already wanted a night to cry so these magazines were just screaming for me to buy them. If the line would have been quick I wouldn’t be standing there debating on buying it. I knew I didn’t have the money but then I started debating on using my credit card. I listened to my inside voice and resisted the urge. Then I thought well I’m here, I could just flip through the pages. As I was thinking this my common sense kicked in and I knew that if I did that I would buy all of them.

I looked behind me and there is a woman, maybe in her mid 30s, holding a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream. I know what she was planning for tonight. I turned to her and said “This isn’t fair, the trashy magazines are out calling to me” She laughed and and said to me that she was thinking the same thing.

The line finally moved and she turns to me and says “Now all I want to do is buy Chocolate” This is me in 15 years.


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