Running into People from High School


I graduated high school in January of 2010. That’s right, over achiever here. Only one semester in junior year I had an off campus lunch period. It was awesome. I went out with my friends to Panera or Jimmy Johns, by the end of the week I was running out of money so we would slum it down from our tasty sandwiches and would get a slice of pizza. It was a pretty awesome deal, it was a huge slice and a drink for $3.75.

As most stories go you are probably realizing that I work for them now. The building has already had 4 name changes so I don’t think of it so much as the place that I went to in high school. I think that makes it a little easier because it kept memories separate.

Most kids that I graduated with went to big colleges and aren’t really here for most of the year but now that it is summer I have been seeing a lot of older and forgotten faces. Anyone can think of someone who they didn’t like in high school or a group of people who you didn’t really care to hang out with but you always knew each other’s names.

The other day a boy that I went to high school came in. He never talked to me in school, ever. If I am being completely honest I was a little intimated by him, he was this bad boy who got into trouble and was easy on the eyes. When he was ordering his slice I was making small conversation and then he left me a 3 dollar tip. People never leave tips so it always surprises me. Plus, I heard that he had a bad coke problem before so I’m not really sure how he had 3 dollars. oops.

There are some people from high school who I completely ignore. The type of kid in school who was nice but you never really had an interest in them and we did our own thing and never really talked. I don’t know if it is because I really didn’t like them in high school or I think that they thought that I was a huge loser in school. It could be because I am embarrassed that they went to a cool college and I decided to save money.

Ehh… I just ignore them because I probably just de friended them off of Facebook because I realized I didn’t care about what they ate for breakfast last Tuesday.


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