What A Hot Summer


I hate the heat, there is no question in my mind how much I hate the heat. This year I have been better though, I go out by the pool all day or I’m doing activities with friends. The one thing that I still cannot stand is working at a pizza place where it gets so freaking hot.

This last week was the hottest weather that Chicago has ever seen. Friday it was around 107 degrees for the second day in a row. The kitchens were miserable. There is no barrier between the kitchen and the front letting all that air come up. Even being in the front of the store where there is air conditioning doesn’t make it any better.

By the time I get home after work my bra is soaked with sweat. That is some personal information but it proves my point, Its disgusting. Also I get these sweat beads once in awhile that start under my boob and trickle down my stomach. It doesn’t matter how often this happens but each time it does I always think that it is a spider or bug. I then proceed to slap my stomach in a mini freak out.

Then I have to deal with the customers who complain of how hot it is. No shit, it is over 100 degrees outside and we have all the ovens running and the stoves are on, it’s going to be hot in here too. They go on to talk to me about the heat while I am standing in front of the hot slice box waiting for them to tell me what kind of pizza they are having. Thanks a lot why don’t we have another conversation about how you can’t even walk your dog in this heat because he would rather sit in the air conditioning.

On the plus side, people tend to give me more tips. I use it to buy more ice cream.


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