Bounced Checks


Today there was a man who was trying to place an order. I could hardly understand him, he was either drunk or high. It always sucks when I have to deal with a customer who I cant understand, especially when I also have to get their name, number, and address. It’s always a mess and I always get yelled at.

He started off the order with 6 cheesy fries, that pretty much told me that this was going to be a hard phone call. Then he wanted 5 orders of the 10 piece chicken strips. OK… then he order a steak salad, a chef salad, and onion rings. This was a huge order, it was like $111 order. When I gave the total he didn’t even think twice about it, my boss stopped me and asked me to put them on hold.

Apparently this customer had been ordering huge orders the past couple of days and the checks hadn’t cleared yet and the address on one of them was Chicago. The house where the delivery was going was also in one of the not so nice part of town. We were pretty suspicious at this point that these people were up to no good.

I pick up the phone again and when I asked how they were going to pay for it they said Check and I said that due corporate policies that we were no longer accepting checks for the time being. The woman in the background went off on me! Screaming over the man on the phone and telling me that im full of shit and what an idiot I am. I apologized and said that there was nothing that I can do and that it has to be cash or credit tonight. They said that they didn’t have credit cards.

The owner of the store called one of our sister stores and asked them about this customer, we just had to give the address and they started swearing. Apparently that customer had made huge orders in a couple of days and all the checks had bounced.

I like how I get bitched at from this customer that I am not accepting checks when they are the reason why I can’t do it. How stupid can you be? It isn’t that complicated you pay bills so that other places can pay their employees and their own bills.

The bigger question is how many kids do you think they have in order to buy 50 chicken strips?


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