Accused of Stiffing People on their Sugary Drinks


Management decided that we had to fill the drinks for customers now. A couple of high school students would get one drink and share it. OK, I get it, that is losing money. But now we are adding more work and becoming less efficient.

It was great, people could get what they wanted and be on their way. The only problem that I personally had with it was that some people would fill their drinks too much and it would foam over. They insisted on pulling it to their mouth and sucking the foam out. Well, thats great but do you realize that you are leaving me with a sticky mess on the floor? Just let it settle down on the tray people, that is why it is there.

I feel like I am not qualified to make peoples drinks. Less is more when it comes to ice. I don’t want to be accused of stiffing people on their sugary drink (which has already happened on multiple occasions). Or some people don’t want ice at all. The whole way to the machine I am thinking over and over no ice, no ice. And what happens? I start filling it with ice. Every single time. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Then you have the customers who want half diet half Mr. Pibb. That’s not so bad. But then I always get nervous that I am not doing the ratio right for them.

How much easier would it be to let them do it. Maybe my legend will be that right before I quit I let the whole lunch crowd come behind the counter and get their own drinks.


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