The Old Couple I Ate Lunch With


After the lunch rush, an older couple came in for Dine-In. They got an 18″ cheese and sausage, that size pizza feeds about 4-5 people. Plus they got a 12″ cheese that they were going to take home. I helped them with their order and got them settled down at a table.

I chatted with them for a while and they asked me if I always eat here when I work. Well, I really never eat at work. By the time I pay for a sandwich, even with my 20% discount, I still have to work for an hour to pay for it. It just isn’t worth it to me.

It was a dead time at the restaurant so I talked to them for a little bit. Then they started to offer me some of their pizza. I can’t take their pizza. That is just weird, but so sweet. I respectfully said no two times but by the third time the lady was already making me a plate and making room at the table for me.

“What the hell, I’ll eat with them” It was so nice. They wanted to know about my life and what I did in my free time. They were really sweet. It isn’t often when customers treat me like a human being. I think that they just wanted someone to spice up the conversation.

In the end, I got a free lunch and made some friends. It felt like I was just eating with my grandparents.


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