Remodel in a Restaurant


A lot has changed at work. We are going through a remodel. Adding a terrace outside, a new front counter, re-finished the floors. It’s all for the best. But I really miss how it was before. Before it was a warehouse theme. Wood blinds, dark floors, brick counters, I loved it. We are next to do a ton of factories and it really blended in well. Now they have made it to look very Italian. If you have ever watched The Sopranos you know what i am talking about. Decorating very Italian can turn out very gaudy. I becoming very nervous these past few weeks during construction praying it was going to turn out like a 90 year old Italian couple with plastic over their sofas.
But they have put just the right amount of gaudy in it. I made it my mission to save the brick walls. They are really beautiful. And I wasn’t about to let them take it down!
The other big change that happened is that I can not wear jeans anymore. Kakis only! Me being the great talker that I am, convinced them that because our new theme has a lot of black in it that it would be easy on the eye if we could wear black pants! It totally worked.
Imagine working with pizza. Imagine how many pizza stains i have had to deal with. My kaki pants wouldn’t last a week!!! With my luck I would probably get a stain in a spot where it would bring up the question Did Aunt Flow just come to visit?


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