Drug Bust


This happened to me a couple weeks ago at work. On the record, I am not making any of this up.

It was mid afternoon on a Wednesday. I was working with Jon, who also happens to be my boyfriend – we all know how he got the job. Two customers who always come in on Wednesdays for BBQ chicken slices had just sat down and one other man had finished his lunch and went to the bathroom. It was a busy morning so I was dreading the chores that afternoon. When a man ran in through the door when he pasted the front counter he flashed us his police badge and said it was an emergency. I looked to my left at Jon and thought to myself You could have just used the bathroom. I wouldn’t have said no if you had to go that badly. Wait a minute…Did this guy really just flash us his police badge to use the restroom? The police officer, who was wearing jeans and a grey sweatshirt with running shoes jerks the handle but it is locked. He turns around and runs out the door and starts running. He then pulls out a gun and tackles a guy to the ground.

WTF just happened? The man came out of the bathroom almost immediately. Jon, the two customers who had just gotten their slices, the man from the bathroom and I, run to the window to watch all the commotion. Another police officer had rolled up in the parking lot in a undercover SUV and blocked the white Suburban in. They handcuffed and shackled the Mexican man and sat him on the curb. The police officers then put on their bullet proof vests that said ICE on the backs over their grey sweatshirts and started to investigate the suburban. We eventually returned to our seats and our chores and stopped being so nosey while they did their work. Well, most of us, I found it a good time as any to do some window washing. 🙂

About an hour pasted by when the police officers finished searching the suburban and put the man inside the undercover SUV. Then one of the police officers started walking towards the restaurant. Oh crap, I thought that I was in trouble for gawking or something. The police officer had actually just wanted a couple of slices of pizza and some soda. While he was paying I actually had the balls to ask what had happened out there. Jon was standing next to me, shocked that I had asked. But hey, I was curious.

Apparently the man was a huge drug dealer and was getting drugs from Mexico, bringing them back here and selling them. AMAZING that this had happened outside of my work. Especially since it had all gone down pretty calmly. No fired shots or fights or anything. It looked pretty civil.

The next police officer had come in after the other officer had returned to the SUV and got a slice of pizza then went to the bathroom. What I was really amazed by was that the first time he wanted to go to the bathroom was three hours ago! It looked like it was pretty urgent before and how he managed to wait all that time I will ever know.



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