The Radio Woes


“Rumor has it, Rumor has it he is the one that I am leaving you for.”

I listen to Rumor Has it at least five times a day on the radio at work.  Someone Like You is on the radio at least three times a day, and don’t forget Rolling in the Deep has to comes on once a day, sometimes two.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Adele. In fact, just yesterday I had a fight with my boyfriend and I sat in my bedroom with the lights off and turned that shit up! If you have not done that then you obviously have never been broken up with. Adele is the soundtrack of a bad break up that speaks to your heart and it is beautifully written. Hearing her words during a break up will make anybody who is going through a break up cry in an instant. I don’t understand why a local radio station thinks that it is okay to play it 8 times a day. Imagine how many teenage girls just bursted into tears because they heard “I heard that your dreams came true, guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you”.

You are probably wondering why I don’t change radio stations. Oh how simple that would be! But no, this is the only radio station that we get. I even went to the other stores near us and asked if they got any other stations. Guess what? They don’t. This is all that I am stuck with, hearing Adele and Katy Perry on repeat for 12 hours a day.

The worst part of the whole day is when it hits 8:45 p.m on the dot, and one of Adele’s songs come on the radio for what feels like the 30th time. Only this time it is the night time remix version. Putting an up beat tempo with her painfully sorrow words together. Everyday at 8:46 p.m I go to the radio and shut it off and enjoy the silence.

To me it is like watching The Notebook at the movies and waiting for Allie to tell Noah to leave her and then someone in the back pulling out a boombox and blasting the song I’m Sexy and I Know it. It would be a total mood killer to a painful break up wouldn’t it?


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