Hand Washing Certificate: How I Got One


Since working in the food industry for a year now, I have had a higher appreciation for anyone who works with food. I have been more patient with waitresses, and I have been pleasent and understanding to the bariesta at Starbucks who can’t quite seem to get my bosses coffee order right. This week I had a turn of roles where I became sorry for myself, and only myself, for the fact that I am 20 and in the food industry and sitting in this class.  This past week I enrolled and went to the first part of my Food Sanitation and Safety Certification class.

Class started at 8:30 a.m sharp in the morning with a instructor named Denise who was known for keeping the class to the very end at 5 p.m. and not a minute earlier. Tables were over crowded with people all of us sitting shoulder to shoulder. Knowing that we were going to be knocking elbows into one another for another eight hours.

Denise, oh sweet, caring, crazy Denise. You will be a woman who I will never forget. The fact that you teach this class two times a month, open a coffee shop in the morning and that you are a shift leader at Mcdonalds tells me that you are one crazy lady. I know that teaching us how to wash our hands properly and effectively is required of this class and it is the right thing to do to ensure that we are clean people who serve food. I just don’t understand how you can have a demonstrate for 20 minutes how to wash our hands, how how you can do it with a straight face. I guess what I have been doing since I was a baby just wasn’t cutting it anymore and know I can honestly say I have taken a class that was based around hand washing skills.

In the end I did learn a lot in the class, how to avoid bacteria by properly cooling food and cooking food, how to clean dishes in a three compartment sink, and how to wash my hands. I just don’t know how I am going to survive it all again next week. At least I will have Denise for some comic relief.


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