Keeping a Pizzeria Clean


I have always known that I hate cleaning. Since the time that my mom introduced it to me as a chore, I have hated it. Today I realized that selling pizza by the slice and actually having a dinning area in the restaurant makes for a lot of crumbs.

People in general are messy. Add that to the fact that the crust crumbles when you eat it means that I have to sweep a billion times a day.

The chairs and tables are super heavy. By the time that I am done sweeping and mopping my arms are tired. There is also cracks in between the wood floors and it has become a safe haven for unwanted crumbs.

I am pretty sure that when people use salt they only get about 10% of it on the fries and the other 90% on the table. Leaving a nice circle where the plate was after they leave.

The fountain machine has its own set of problems when it comes to staying clean. Everyday people fill their drinks too full leaving a syrup trail behind them.

In reality I don’t mind cleaning, I think it’s soothing and it gives me instant gratification. I love it when the restaurant is sparkling clean, it’s when the customers ruin all my hard work with their sticky fingers.


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