Delivery Drivers


To me, delivery drivers are nothing but a revolving door of workers. Drivers have no responsibilities other than getting pizzas to houses on time and keeping the pizzas flat. Other than that, they are good for nothing.

We have very nice computers that help everyone who uses them. Drivers have a page that lists all of the deliveries that have to go out. When they are leaving with deliveries they have to click on the address then click on their name and that signs them out of the system. Once they return they have to click their name again that says that they are back. Now, they must do this for every delivery so that at the end of the night I know what deliveries they have taken and then I know how much money to give them back. For some reason, it is the most difficult thing for them to remember. I look at the page to make sure that we are on track and it says that 10 deliveries are late. Come on guys, its not rocket science just sign in and out.

Another thing that drivers cant seem to remember is to READ THE TICKET!!! Always check the ticket for soda, salads, anything other than the pizza. I cant count how many times I had to call a driver and tell them to come back and pick up a 2 liter or that they forgot the free side salad that comes with pasta dinners.

Drivers need to remember that when they forget this stuff its me who has to deal with customers on the phone. Or that they have to go all the way back to the restaurant for the soda and drive back to the house.

I can complain about drivers all day and night. At the end of the day drivers are what makes a pizza place work and for that, I love them.



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