Ordering From Pepsi


Every Wednesday I have to place my order with Pepsi and have it delivered Friday. This is probably one of the easiest orders to make, unlike food where you have to deal with expiration dates and worrying about storage. But every week I manage to mess up the Pepsi order.

One week I checked the Bag In a Boxes. For people who have never worked in the food industry its the syrup for the fountain machines. They were all about 3/4 full. I thought that will last until next week. Well, by monday I was out of Mountain Dew and Cherry Pepsi.

Customers were in an up roar! Have you ever denied a 16 year old boy Mountain Dew, then proceeded to tell them that we wont have more until Friday? I do not recommend it. All of a sudden it felt like the kids became monsters from the mountains of Kentucky demanding their Mountain Dew.

Two weeks later when I placed my order we were at 3/4 again, so I made sure I got Mountain Dew and the other favorite drinks to keep everyone happy. By Monday, I hadn’t even changed the boxes yet. I guess sometimes I can’t win with the Pepsi orders.


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