Boys and Gold-Fish


Everyday I have to deal with huge groups of high schools boys. The local high school has open campus for older students leaving them free to roam the town and get lunch where ever they choose, depending on how much money their parents give them for lunch. Our restaurant is closest to the school and one of the cheapest places to go. I get the luxury of being their mothers and picking up after them, at least I get paid to do it.

One of the boys favorite jokes is uncapping the salt and pepper shakers just enough so that the top falls off for the next person who uses it. I totally remember when I was in high school and the kids I was with doing it. Which happens to be the very same place that I am working at now. Ah how I love irony.

Some of the kids that come have their own lunches and eat it inside. It doesn’t bother me at all that they don’t buy any food, because their friends are. But it still makes it a little weird when I am sweeping up Gold-Fish.


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