Driver Tips


I have been a delivery driver for at least a year now, It took me about two months to calm down and not think that every house was going to kidnap me. I am normally a day driver and I usually go to businesses in the area. Lately, I have been so troubled by how different people treat day drivers and night drivers.

Just because you have a free delivery coupon or it is before 3 and it is automatically free delivery does not mean that you get to give a bad tip as well. You would think that you could give a better tip since you are saving money in the first place.

Day drivers also make a living off of tips. If your business is placing an order make sure everyone knows that they still have to figure out the tip. Because we all know that we send one person to pay for the food while everyone sits at their desks, and that puts a lot of pressure on the person paying to give a tip. Plan ahead to avoid awkwardness.

If you take care of your delivery driver, they will ALWAYS take care of you. We put you at the top of our priority list just because we know that you are nice. We have favorites, and we don’t deny it.



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