Cheese Comes with the Pizza


The pizza place that I work at is privately owned. There is only three people who work the counter, and when we are working the counter we are the people in charge of the phones, keeping the front area clean and everything else that needs to be done. Then there are the drivers, there are the day drivers and the night drivers. Day drivers get a basic pay plus tips, and night drivers just get tips. That being said, some days I am a day driver and some days I am counter to make some extra money.

The system to run everything smoothly is that during lunch one person gets the slices out of the slice box and the other person is the cashier. The slice person asks what kind of slice and how many and boxes it up. The cashier then puts the order in and does the money while the slice person starts the next customer.

The issue I have with people, is when they are ordering the slices they confuse the crap out of me.

“Can I have a Cheese and Sausage?”

Sounds simple right? Like you would know how to do that. Well, that is not the case, the customer thinks that they are ordering one slice, and all I hear is cheese AND sausage. To me that sounds like two slices. The response that I give is “So you wanted a cheese AND a sausage?” Hoping that they get the hint that how they order is confusing for all of us.

Next time, just say Sausage. Cheese comes with the pizza.


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  1. Hah! It’s been almost twenty years since I worked in a pizza place but it never ceases to amaze me how ill fit some people are to ordering something as simple as a pizza. My favorite orders, and this happened three or four times a night, were the phone calls where someone would call, tell me they want a large or medium or whatever, and then yell out to the people at their house “What do you want on this pizza.” You can’t ask that before you call and save me three to four minutes? I have people who know what they want in the restaurant staring at me waiting to order while you make me witness your decision making process.
    I worked for fifteen years in fine dining and witnessed all sorts of oddities and rudeness. I was never upset. I chalk it up to people being people recognize that the bad stories are the ones that stand. Most people that came to our place were fine, interesting, and decent. I can’t say that about working in a pizza place.

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